Some of our favorite things

shower headWhite Body Spa Oxygenics Shower With 60″ Hose

I had read about this on one of the RV groups I’m a member of. In light of all of the positive comments, I decided to give it a try. This is an awesome addition to our motorhome! With a 6 gallon water heater, it’s very hard for both Dale and I to get back to back hot showers! Fast forward to post installation of the Oxygenics shower head and we can take back to back showers, both with plenty of hot water! And, the “pause” button on the shower head keeps your water temp as is when you resume water flow! That is amazing! So Dale and I both would highly recommend this shower


Best Preowned RV’S

Best preowned rv’s is where we bought our rv. I had been following their website for almost a year, just seeing what all they had and dreaming. The big draw to their website, for me, were 3 things. One, that they take out the carpet and install wood flooring in every motorhome that comes in! Second, they go over every aspect of the rv’s, front to back. Third, you get a free 12/12, $500.00 deductible warranty! What could be better?

The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. They all treated us like family and we soon found out that no question is a dumb one. Buyers get to spend the night in their new rig and get to know what all of the buttons do. Next morning, the staff answers any questions you may have come up with and then you’re on your way home. I can honestly say that I would buy from them again, in a heart beat!!

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