We’re Still Here!

Man, we can’t wait to get out on the road! We thought we would’ve been on the road by now (I’m hearing Willie Nelson faintly in the background!) but we’ve been sidelined with doctor visits and procedures, along with me getting my sweet mama to her doctor appointments. Yes, I know all of this is needed but I’d rather be looking at the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the beautiful beaches of south Florida……you get the idea. We will be hanging here in La Marque, Texas until the time is right.

Speaking of our home base, the park is under new management. Our former manager was moved to a sister park in Conroe, Texas and his son got a job far away from rv park management. It was sad when they left but we still talk to them from time to time. How did we do it before cell phones? Life seemed easier back then, didn’t it?

Enjoy the life you’ve been given! None of us know how many hours, days, years we have on this earth. Tell your loved ones that you love them, give hugs whenever you can. Til next time, I’m Jan and I say, “Follow Your Dreams!”

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