Remember Me?

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking! I really didn’t intend to let this much time lapse between posts but sometimes life just gets in the way! We are still here at Little Thicket RV Park and loving it! Due to several things, we haven’t started our travels yet. But we plan on it real soon.

Our sweet daughter, Becca, finally got her drivers license! (at age 21) When she and I went for her to do the driving test I asked her why she had waited so long. Her answer? “Why did I need to drive when my best friend and my parents did all the driving for me?” She liked being chauffeured around, the little Princess! After about a week of having her license I asked her if she liked driving and her response: “Heck yeah!! I can go anywhere at anytime and I love it!!” She drove down to see us one Sunday, about 30 minutes away from her, and when she left I had a mixed bag of feelings. I was so proud of her, then I was very sad that she really is grown up now. Yes, I shed some tears. What momma doesn’t when her baby leaves the nest!?

She and I are taking a short trip to Louisiana next week to let her experience the slot machines! She is sure that she and I are going to win big. Bring it on!!

Until next time, don’t give up on your dreams. Live life to its fullest!

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