The Beginning…….Sort Of

Hello, and welcome! I had intended to start the blog sooner but life has been a bit hectic! Hurricane Harvey got us! We only got about 8″ of rain but after sitting for 3-4 days, the water soaked into everything. We were able to sell our home, as is, for a very good price which enabled us to finally live our dream…….. of buying an rv, living in it full time, and seeing America. We also bought a Mini Cooper to pull behind us so we would have some way to get around while leaving Gypsy parked.

As we are downsizing and moving stuff into the motorhome, our daughter is moving into her first apartment with her BFF of 9 years. So, we are trying to divide our time between the two! And as expected, daughter has gotten more move-in time than we have. Dale and I visited with Becca on her day off Tuesday, and the apartment is looking very nice! Why is it that while they live with us their rooms look like a tornado blew through but let them get their own place and it looks like a showroom!!

The dogs, Jack and Libby, seem to like their new home! Even though there isn’t as much room to run, or no walls they can walk through*, they both seem happy. I guess dogs are happy as long as they are with their moms and dads, no matter where we go. Dale and I will miss just opening the back door and yelling, “everybody outside to potty”!

*the house has about 2 feet of the sheetrock removed due to Harvey, so Jack and Libby have really enjoyed just walking through walls to get where they wanted to be.

That’s about it for our first blog post. In future posts I’ll tell ya’ll about our adventure getting here, and more about where we are staying for a few months. Stay safe and always follow your dreams!

One Comment on “The Beginning…….Sort Of

  1. I’m looking forward to your adventures with Gypsy. We’ve been on the road for close to a year and haven’t regretted a second! Jack and Libby will get used to the outside routine–we miss the back yard and leashless potty time, too (we have Lexie, a bullmastiff)! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures and the process of getting there. Dawn


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